Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site

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  • Sakura's Senshi Circle! - The parent site of Create Your Own Otaku Senshi
  • Thank You - Thanks and appreciation to people who helped inspire or create this site
  • How To Use This Site - A guide for how to use the site
  • Guestbook - A place to leave your thoughts about the site or otaku senshi in general
  • Updates - Information on recent changes to the site
  • Otaku Senshi - Information about what otaku senshi are
  • Reasons - Thoughts about why people make otaku senshi
  • Beford You Start - Tips for someone new to character development
  • Legalities - Legal information about this site and otaku senshi
  • Etiquette - Details about the proper way to behave in a community of fan character creators AKA how to make sure people don't hate you
  • Cliches - Common and over-used character aspects
  • Link Us - Banners and ways to link to this site
  • Contact - An email form to contact Sakura with ideas, suggestions, thoughts and comments
The Basics
  • Basic Profile - The most basic version of an otaku senshi profile
  • Name - Tips about selecting a good name for your character as well as information about Name Meaning
  • Appearance - A section to help creators describe their characters over all appearance including: hair, eyes, skin and height
  • Basic Stats - Core information about your senshi including their birthday, likes and dislikes, strong points, weaknesses, and their dream.
  • Sailor Name - Tips about variations on the Sailor Name and how to select the best one for your new character
  • Transformation - Details about how your character powers up
  • Outfit - What your character looks like as a sailor senshi; includes information about variations on the classic Sailor Senshi outfit.
  • Attacks - Tips for developing power influence with well rounded attacks for your character
  • Expanded Profile - A more detailed character profile
  • More Apprearance - Additional optional stats about physical appearance
  • Personality - Help with developing this critical aspect of your character, includes brainstorming questions
  • Personal History - Details about your character's past as an individual
  • More Personal Stats - Additional optional stats about your character
  • Sailor Name (con't) - More information about Sailor Names and how to determine a good fit for your character
  • Weapons & Items - Tips for developing cool items and weapons for your character to use
  • More Senshi Stats - Additional optional stats for your character's Sailor Senshi form
  • Sailor History - Details about your character's power origins
  • Mission - What your character is meant for
  • Help & Review - Places to get reviews and help once you've written your character's profile
Additional Topics
  • Profile Generator - An HTML code generator for profiles
  • Message Boards - A place to hang out with other Sailor Moon fans and Otaku Senshi creators
  • Sailor Collars - Details about a common debate
  • Male Senshi - A continuation of the debates
  • Guardians - Tips about making a Guardian character for your senshi
  • Sailor Animamates - Information about creating "evil" versions of Otaku Senshi in relation to the final arc of the Sailor Moon story
  • The Bad Guys - Tips about developing villains
  • Stolen! - What to do, or not do, when your stuff is stolen
  • Your Web Site - Tips about starting a site for your character and her story