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Senshi Stats (con't)

In addition to the basic senshi stats, there are other stats you could include to help describe what your character is like as a sailor senshi. Here are some other senshi related stats that you might find useful. Once again, being selective with additional stats throughout will help keep your profile manageable.
Sailor Title
The Sailor Title is a formal or informal phrase that further described your character. For example, if you have a character that is the guardian of a secret chambers, her Sailor Title might be "Guardian of Chambers." Whereas, Sailor Venus is known as the soldier of love and beauty, your character might be the Soldier of Remorse, the Harbinger of Evil, or the Lady of Enchantment. These titles can further allude to your character's identity and give them a catch phrase; there is really no limit to the description they give. Not everyone chooses to include this stat, but if you feel it is useful to your character add it to your profile under the Sailor Name stat.

Secondary Realm of Influence
Sometimes, creators want to expand upon their character's powers to give them a more diverse range of attacks, or to give them more specific definition. A Secondary Realm of Influence, sometimes called a Sub-element, is something that relates to your character's main Realm of Influence, but further refines or embellishes upon it. Some examples of secondary powers are: earthquakes, as a sub-element to earth; nightmares, as a sub-element to fear; echoes, as a sub-element to sound. If this section confuses you or does not relate to your character, then there is no need to add this stat. If you would like to use a sub-element to expand your characters powers, add it below the Realm of Influence stat.

Fighting Style
This stat would include information about how your character likes to fight: hand to hand close combat, sneak attacks, long range battles, defensive, etc. There are many options to consider, so if you think this stat would apply to your character, add it above the Weapons and Items stats.

Power Color
In the anime, sometimes the canon senshi would glow with the light of power in a particular color. This is often called an 'aura,' a paranormal area of energy coming from a person. If your senshi has a color associated with her power you could also choose to include that power color in the profile. A suggestion location would be after the Realm of Influence stat.

Each of the canon sailor senshi have a symbol associated with them. These symbols often appear on items as well as on the senshi themselves (usually on the forehead in times of high power levels). These historical symbols for the planets were developed for use in astronomy and astrology and they represent traits of the mythological gods the planets were named after. In the case of Pluto, the symbol represents Percival Lowell, the man that predicted the discovery of Pluto.

Developing a symbol for your senshi can be interesting and fun. There is a lot of history behind many of the symbols that you see everyday and there are many great resources for learning about them. is a great place to start. On that site, you can sift through over 2,000 symbols to find something that fits your senshi. The best part about creating a symbol for your senshi is that you don't have to stick to the basics. If you want to, you can combine elements of multiple symbols to create something perfect for your character!

Below are some common elements and symbols that relate to them. If you click on the image, the page for that symbol will pop up for you. Once you have chosen or designed your symbol, you can add a Symbol stat to the profile below the Realm of Influence stat. You can either describe the symbol, or you can link to an image of the symbol. Remember, not all images are free for use on the internet! It's always best to create your own image version of the symbol and host it on your own web space.


Fire 1 Fire 2 Fire 3 Fire 4 Fire 5


Water 1 Water 2 Water 3 Water 4 Water 5


Earth 1 Earth 2 Earth 3 Earth 4 Earth 5


Air 1 Air 2 Air 3 Air 4 Air 5

Senshi Personality
Sometimes, otaku senshi have slight or major changes to their personality when they take on their soldier identities. If your character has any significant changes you can describe them here. Be sure to include why these changes occur. This stat would fit nicely after the Attacks.

Challenge Speech
In the anime, the sailor senshi had challenge speeches which they issued to villains before a battle, the most prominent example being Sailor Moon's, "For Love and Justice, I'm the Pretty Suited Sailor Soldier, Sailor Moon!! In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!!" If you are interested in including a challenge speech for your otaku senshi, consider what it will say about them and how they will say it.

The Japanese speeches usually included reference to the character's powers, introduced them, and followed with a challenge phrase. For example, Sailor Mars would say, "For love and fire, I am the Pretty Suited Sailor Soldier, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!" The first part of the speech tends to indicate the element of the senshi, followed by the introduction of their Sailor Name. The second sentence invokes the name of their star followed by their actual challenge.

Other variations of these challenge speeches follow. For example, in one fight, Sailor Jupiter introduces herself with, "I was born with this strength! I am Sailor Jupiter of lightning power!" This is more of a direct introduction than a challenge, and these speeches are not used with any consistency. However, if you would like to include one in your character's profile, a reference to their powers and certainly including their Sailor Name is the way to go.

Physical Changes
As with the personality changes, otaku senshi sometimes have appearance changes from their civilian to soldier identities. If your character has any significant physical changes, you can describe them here. Once again, be sure to include why these changes occur and include it in the lower portion of 'About the Senshi'.

You may think you have already seen this once before, but your characters strengths and weaknesses as a senshi might be different than those of her civilian form. Maybe your character is weak to certain kinds of attacks, or maybe as a sailor senshi, some of her senses are heightened. There are a lot of possibilities so try to brainstorm and see if anything will work for your character.

Additionally, something that is a flaw in her general personality might clear up with the confidence of her senshi power behind her. These are all things you can develop the character an build her complexities.

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