Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site


The basic requirements for appearance related stats listed here will help you and your potential reader visualize what your character looks like. This will help when you are drawing your character or requesting a drawing from an artist.

Some creators like to list their character's description in paragraph form. If you are comfortable writing in that manner, you could just include a general Appearance stat to replace the ones below. Be sure to include information about all of the areas listed in order to complete the image of your senshi.

Use this section to describe your character's eyes. Some creators just have a color listed here; don't forget that this is fantasy so eyes can be any color you want! Some otaku senshi creators also like to include other details about the eyes such as their over all shape (wide, thick-lashed, thin, almond-shaped, large, small, etc.) and additional characteristics such as quality of appearance (tired, bright, friendly, icy, clouded, etc.).

Use this section to describe everything about your character's hair. Describe the length of the hair and what color it is; once again, since this is anime, you really aren't limited on your color palette. It is also helpful to describe how you character generally wears her hair, including her bangs or fringe if she has any. You maybe also want to include common accessories she might wear or even tell us about some other attributes of her hair (straight, curly, frizzy, flat, thin, thick, falling out, etc.)

It would be helpful to know the skin tone of your character. Generally speaking, most sailor senshi in Sailor Moon had fair skin tones. Noticeable differences include Sailor Pluto who seemed to have a slightly darker skin tone, and Sailor Saturn who seemed to have a more pale skin tone. Looking around at people all over the world, it's clear that skin tone has a huge range. It's not always just a color either such as white, peach, or brown. Skin is more variable than that! So, it might be helpful to think of this section as 'complexion.' Do your best to explain your character's skin tone in regard to how people's skin tones appear to be in a broad sense. Some examples might include: fair and pale, fair, fair and freckled, fair with a warm peach tone, fair with an olive tone, tanned fair, tanned, tanned and freckled, tanned with an olive tone, deeply tanned, warm sienna, reddish-brown, dark brown, very dark, etc. You can and should refer to colors if necessary, but being more specific is always helpful.

Sometimes, otaku senshi have skin tones unlike humans. There might be a reason for your senshi to have pure white skin, absolute black skin, or even some shade of green, blue, or pink! These are other options to consider when creating your character, but do remember, if they are going to interact with the canon characters, they might have some explaining to do. ^^;

Height is a basic stat that will allow you to see your character in relation to other characters. For a point of reference, Sailor Moon is 4'11" or 150cm tall; Sailor Uranus is 5'8" or 172cm tall; and Tuxedo Kamen is just over 6'0" or 183cm tall. Feel free to include measurements from Metric and Imperial Systems so that various readers will be able to understand the height of your character.

To convert the measurements, just use this online converter.

Or, you can hop on Google and type in: (height in inches) to cm or (height in cm) to in and Google will do the calculation for you.

Example: Convert 5'4" to centimeters (cm) using Google
  • There are 12 inches in 1 foot, 5 x 12 = 60 (Google will do that math for you too if you are having trouble).
  • 60 + 4 = 64 inches.
  • Input 64in to cm into the Google search bar and hit enter.
  • Google says 64 inches = 162.56 centimeters. Then, just round to the nearest whole number.