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Sailor Name

This is the name of your Sailor Senshi. For example, Usagi is Sailor Moon and Rei is Sailor Mars. If you plan to have more than one form for this character, simply state their first Sailor Name, then, if you develop additional forms you can explain them in another section. It's always best to just start with one to get a solid base before working your way up.

Sailor Name vs Sailorname

Some Sailor Moon fans like to keep the Sailor Name combined as one word, for example: Sailor Moon would be Sailormoon. In most official Japanese publications and merchandise, the sailor senshi have their names shown this way, even when spelled with English letters. However, some characters have longer names that may also consist of more than two words. This can be cumbersome and also confusing, for example: Sailorheavymetalpapillon. Choose whichever capitalization you feel to be most appropriate for your character and be consistent with the capitalization.

Selecting a Sailor Name

The Sailor Name does not necessarily have to be the same as the name of the celestial object your character is from. For example, Sailor Kakyuu is from the planet Kinmoku. Though the names do not match, Sailor Kakyuu is the sailor senshi for the planet Kinmoko and she carries the Sailor Crystal for that planet.

For additional information regarding Sailor Names, see Sailor Name (cont) in the Expansion section.

Here are some resources to get you started on finding a Sailor Name for your character:

Other Titles

Some Sailor Senshi have titles that go along with their Sailor Name. For example, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon both obtain the title "Super" into their Sailor Name at some point in the series. Super Sailor Moon is a new form of Sailor Moon. Likewise, Eternal Sailor Moon is another, more powerful form of Sailor Moon. These new titles often come with associated outfit upgrades.

Sometimes, an otaku senshi will have an additional title in their Sailor Name to denote rank or power. Or, perhaps the creator just likes the sound of the additional title. There are lots of creative titles one can use for their Sailor Senshi beyond the ones we see in the original series. If you feel like your character needs an additional title, feel free to add it. If there is reasoning behind the title that you would like to share, you can work it into the character once you begin developing her history.