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  • For general comments or ideas, you can fill out the contact form below, or sign the guestbook. As long as you enter a valid e-mail address, Sakura can reply to your message.
  • For general questions or comments, or to submitan idea for a section, you can contact Sakura by E-mail at
  • Just want to chat? Sakura has AOL Instant Messenger; her screen name is DarkSailorAstera. However, it is rare that she will have long periods of time to chat online. You can also meet up with Sakura on any of these following message boards:
    Tower of Time Forums as Sakky-chan
    SSC/CYOOS Forums as Sakura
    The Oracle Forums as Sailor Astera
    Genvid Forums as Sakura

    Sakura also is a member of the Wikimoon project; her user name is Sakura.

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