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The Bad Guys

Quite often, otaku senshi creators will want to develop villains into the back story of their senshi. Many otaku senshi creators have commented that developing really good bad guys is sometimes a very challenging aspect of the Sailor History stat. The foundations for a good villain are in the roots of their motivation. What drives your villain can often lead you to the rest of the story more easily. Thanks to contributions from Stephanie of, we can present to you this list of motivations. Perhaps these ideas will jump start some of the work for a bad guy if you need to include on in your senshi's history.

Motivation Type 1: Need for More
  • Personal Power - Need for more power, magic, etc. for one's own personal gain
  • Egotism - Not power for the sake of power, villain needs power to validate their existence.
  • Low Time Preference - Villain has a perfectly legitimate goal - wealth, influence - they just can't wait and end up using short-cuts that result in destruction on the way to have it accomplished.
  • Too Much Pride - A mistake was made resulting in loss or perceived loss of pride. Villain can't admit pervious wrongs, so more wrongs must make it right.
  • Power Over Land/Location - Need for conquering, thus an army is needed, etc.
Motivation Type 2: Holier than Thou
  • Religion - Religious extremists.
  • Holy Mission - Has a given mission, was sent by Deity/Leader to destroy those who are considered 'evil' or 'impure'
  • Anarchy - Villain wants to change the system by completely destroying it. May or may not have ideas of what will come after the system falls. May possibly believe that the anarchy will make things right itself.
  • Revolutionary Philosophy - Old government is oppressive, a glorious leader is there to overtake the old government and turn the tables for the better. May see threats in the other good characters, and may attempt to take out all threats to the "New Kingdom."
  • Testing Humankind - Attempts to create problems so that humans (or other group) can see the errors of their own ways
  • Destruction - World has no redeeming value, only thing to do is destroy it.
  • Purifier - Everyone is suffering, to help the world be cleansed, everyone must die.
Motivation Type 3: Desire
  • Love/Lust - Stealing, assault, and killing all in the name of love (or sex)
  • Necrophilia - No sexual aspect, instead this Villain is in love with death, that he/she desires to see the death of everything, people, organizations, the world.
  • Perverse Love - Isn't truly seeking to end everything, but wanting it to die to change for the better, to make it more pure and strong.
  • Sado/Masochist - No sexual aspect, villain is psycho-suicidal and desire's death, but is too proud to kill him/herself, so they set up a situation where other warriors will try and kill him/her, so they may die in peace.
  • Sado/Masochist 2 - No sexual aspect, villain gets power from destruction and just generally enjoys the suffering of others
Motivation Type 4: Being Human
  • Dishonor - Have been dishonored and must gain their honor back.
  • Grudge - Lots of issues, child abuse, missing parent, trauma - feels a need to get back at what has happened or to kill anything that is similar to their experiences.
  • Desperation - Normally a good person, turned evil out of need to clear debt, save someone, may regret what they have to do but they do it anyway.
  • Misled - Wants to do what's right, but goes about it the wrong way, causing pain, death, etc.
  • Heroic Failure - May have failed helping people, so if they can't be adored, they'll instill fear.
  • Boredom - Has power, but nothing to do, likes to manipulate people just to see what will happen.
  • Racial - Their culture does something weird, it may be considered evil to other people.
  • Survival - Needs to do something evil to survive - ex: Vampires.
  • Fear/Preemptive Strike - Conquer before you are conquered, attack before you are attacked, Kill before you are killed
  • Jealousy - The need to exert their power over someone with something they want
  • Vanity - The person sees power as glory and glory as beauty, they want to be the most adored/powerful being ever; they must obtain power to remain beautiful
Motivation Type 5: Outside Forces
  • External Persuasion - Possessed by demon, spirit, item, etc.
  • Insanity - So insane that they don't know better.
  • Drugs/Other Substance Abuse - Which has caused the individual to make poor judgments