Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site

Reasons for Making Otaku Senshi

Not all Sailor Moon fans believe that making otaku senshi is worth the time and effort. Some Sailor Moon fans even see otaku senshi as an insult to Naoko. However, I believe that otaku senshi capture the essence of Naoko's intentions with Sailor Moon. When Naoko created her story, she was reaching out with a message. Many times, in interviews and letters to the public, she has expressed how much she enjoys seeing art and stories about the original senshi [manga Volume 5, Act 18 notes], and she also expressed interest in fans sending her designs and information on made up sailor senshi [manga Volume 10, Top Ten Lists]. Naoko wants her fans to take the idea of Sailor Moon and enrich their lives with it! Creating otaku senshi and expanding on her ideas is the ultimate compliment to Naoko's hard work and dedication. Plus, it's so much fun!

There are many reasons a fan might decide to make an otaku senshi. Sometimes, after hearing about another fan's otaku senshi, one might be inspired to try it out! Often times, there is some element to the Sailor Moon story on which a fan wants to expand. It could also be that a fan has an idea for a story, but the canon characters don't really fit into the new idea. In that case, it often makes sense to design new characters for the story.

No matter what your reasons, creating otaku senshi can be rewarding and exciting! It's easy to get started and this site will help walk you through the basic steps of creating a new character!