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Appearance Stats (con't)

In addition to the basic appearance stats, there are other stats you could include to help describe what your character looks like. Here are some other appearance related stats that you might find useful. While you might want to add some of these to the profile, not all of them are necessary. For example, if you character has no special markings, it wouldn't make sense to include a stat related to them. Be selective with additional stats so that your profile does not become too long and tedious.
This stat is included in reference to the height so people can determine additional informaton what your character looks like. Bodies come in many shapes and sizes. Make your character fit your image! Any body shape goes. BMI is sort of outdated but if you'd like to figure out an average weight height ratio this calculator might be helpful.

It should also be noted that BMI charts (and most weight/height charts) do not take muscle mass into consideration. Muscle weighs more then fat, so this can offset the accuracy of the BMI calculator.

Feel free to use Google to convert weight in lbs. to weight in kg or vice versa. This will allow readers from all over the world to understand the relationship.

This stat is generally based on the height and weight listed above it in the profile. Here you can explain what your character's general body shape is. Are they tall and lean? Short and stout? Muscular and thin? Maybe they are tall with big curves, or short and wiry. This is a general overall physical description that your character fits.

Distinguishing Marks or Traits
If your character has any distinguishing marks such as birthmarks, scars, tattoos, etc. you could include this stat to describe them. Additionally, if your character is not human, they may have physical traits that are very different. Take this opportunity to describe them.

Facial Structure
Make not of any defining facial features that might be important to your character's design, particularly if they aren't human.

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