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Appearance Stats (con't)

In addition to the basic appearance stats, there are other stats you could include to help describe what your character looks like. Here are some other appearance related stats that you might find useful. While you might want to add some of these to the profile, not all of them are necessary. For example, if you character has no special markings, it wouldn't make sense to include a stat related to them. Be selective with additional stats so that your profile does not become too long and tedious.
This stat is included in reference to the height so people can determine about what your character looks like. There are all kinds of charts and things that tell you what the 'average' height for certain weights are, but it is suggested that you use your best judgment and ask around to approximate a good weight for your character since the 'average' varies across cultures and ethnicities. If you are interested in a technical reference, visit this Body Mass Index Calculator. If it comes out to between 19 and 24 then your character would probably be considered average and healthy by today's medical standards.

There is nothing that says your character cannot be under or overweight but there are logical limits to how far either way you could go before it would effect her ability to function as a sailor senshi. It should also be noted that BMI charts (and most weight/height charts) do not take muscle mass into consideration. Muscle weighs more then fat, so this can offset the accuracy of the BMI calculator.

Feel free to use Google to convert weight in lbs. to weight in kg or vice versa. This will allow readers from all over the world to understand the relationship.

This stat is generally based on the height and weight listed above it in the profile. Here you can explain what your character's general body shape is. Are they tall and lean? Short and stout? Muscular and thin? Maybe they are tall with soft curves, or short and petite. This is a general overall physical description that your character fits.

Distinguishing Marks or Traits
If your character has any distinguishing marks such as birthmarks, scars, tattoos, etc. you could include this stat to describe them. Additionally, if your character is not human, they may have physical traits that are very different. Take this opportunity to describe them.

Facial Structure
While not entirely necessary to include this as a stat, the information below could be helpful while you determine the overall appearance of your character's facial features based on their heritage. This information was obtained from Restorative Art and Science by Ralph L. Klicker, PhD. and paraphrased by Aki-chan.

European - The nose is leptorrhine, or narrow, with a high root and bridge. It may be straight, concave, or convex and usually has a thin or medium tip with fleshy wings, which are thin and compressed. The eyes have a horizontal closure, the ears are moderate in length with large, free lobes and a flat helix. The lips are non-elevated and range from thin to medium thickness. Usually, their skulls are longer with a vertical forehead slope.

Asiatic - The nose is meorrhine, or intermediate with a very low root and bridge and is usually concave in its profile. The tip and wings are of medium thickness and the wings are flared rather than compressed. The eyes have a sloping closure. The ears are long and narrow with large, free lobes and an unrolled helix. The lips are non-elevated and are medium in thickness. The skull length is usually shorter, and a vertical sloping forehead. The face usually has a "round" and "flat" appearance, and usually have squarer jaws.

African - The nose is platyrrhine, or wide with a low and broad root and bridge with a distinctive depression at the root. The tip of the nose is thick and the wings are thick and flared and is straight or concave in the profile view. The eyes have a horizontal closure (like the European). The ears are short and wide with small attached lobes and have a deeply rolled helix. The lips are elevated and are usually thick. The skull is usually long in length with a vertical sloping forehead. The face also tend to have a projection of the jaws, causing a gentle sloping of the face from the hairline to the chin with the chin protruding when viewed in the profile.

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