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Help & Review

Now you have completed your character's profile and maybe you want to show her off, see how people like her! There are lots of people that are interested in reading about your character, and many of them would also like to give you tips and pointers about how you might further develop her.

You could make a page for your character and share it with your friends. You might also try posting your character's profile on a site like and then look for groups or people who do character reviews. One such group is #Crystal-starseeds! They have a 'Senshi Review' section for their members (be sure to read the rules!).

I am hoping to add more links to review opportunities here but for now I'm still looking for communities that are active.

How to Review
Perhaps you've been reading a few character profiles here and there and you'd like to help other creators out but you aren't sure where to start. The best way to learn to give critique is to try it out, so to get you started here's a few basic tips. Also, check out Guide to Constructive Critique by `RockstarVanity on
  • Read the whole profile before you start then go back and look at each section as you write the review. This might help answer some questions that may have come up and will give you a better over all picture of the character.
  • Point out the strengths as well as the weaknesses. A critique or review is most helpful when the creator knows both what could be improved and what they are doing well.
  • When there is something that isn't working, do your best to explain why. Saying, "This part is stupid" or "This makes no sense" does not help a creator unless you give reasons and explain how it could be better.
  • Don't get personal. If there's something you don't like about a character it won't do you any good to insult the creator personally and if you insult them then they probably won't take your advice anyway. :P
  • Ask questions. If there is something you think you don't understand or something you want to know more about, ask the creator (nicely) to explain the deatils to you.
  • Remember to be constructive. When creators have good feedback and discussion about their character they help each other improve!