Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site

Help & Review

Now you have completed your character's profile and maybe you want to show her off, see how people like her! There are lots of people that are interested in reading about your character, and many of them would also like to give you tips and pointers about how you might further develop her.

There is a group on DeviantART called Otaku Review Make Up who will give you a detailed review and analysis of your character. You do not have to be a member of DeviantART to submit your character for review. Be sure to read the rules.

You can check out the OSR (Otaku Senshi Review) section of Mount Olympus where you can get a personal review of your senshi from Purenightshade.

Need help with your senshi's design? Check out Senshi Designs by DragonRhapsody. There you can have a design made tailored to your character's powers and personality, or you can have an existing design revamped for a great new look!

Want to get a free fanart image of your character? Try checking out the message boards to see if anyone's taking requests. Or, head over to Sketch Our Senshi or Tower of Time for more information about free art requests.

The message boards hosted on feature a section dedicated to Otaku Senshi Help & Review. You can also check out the boards over at the Tower of Time.

Both boards require that you register an account to post. Once you have logged in, feel free to introduce yourself in the appropriate section. Then, make your way to the Otaku Senshi section to share your new creation! We all look forward to meeting you and your new character.