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An attack is a maneuver that your character uses to either block an assault or cause damage to an opponent. Usually, your character's attacks are based on their Realm of Influence. A Realm of Influence is the element that your characters powers come from. Sometimes this is called your character's Element which is another name you could use for this stat. Examples of this stat include Sailor Moon's use of 'light' or 'purity,' Sailor Mars' use of 'fire,' and Sailor Mercury's use 'water,' and 'ice.'

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There are the basic elements like fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. Then there are also things like electricity, decay, wood, wind, psychic, and metal. Some other examples include: poison, sonic (sound), celestial, fear, dreams, wisdom, music, and anger. The list is practically infinite; pretty much anything can be the Realm of Influence as long as you work in into your character's history. You can get really creative and particular with this, or you can stick with the basics.

Once you decide what type of power your character has you can fill in the Realm of Influence stat on her profile. Then, you can think about what her first attack will be.

Most attacks in the Sailor Moon fandom include a phrase that is called out. Some attacks also include weapons or item. For your first attack, keep it simple. Your senshi only really needs one attack to start; you can develop more attacks later on. Traditionally, only the attack name needs to be listed in the profile. The canon senshi often use their attacks in versatile ways.
The name of the attack is often what the character calls out, the incantation to draw upon their powers. However, what the character calls out might not be the same as the name of the attack. In some cases, you may not even want your character to say anything at all. It is suggested that the name of your character's attack is between one and three words to keep it manageable. In canon, however, Sailor Moon does have some attacks that are five words long.

Otaku senshi creators like to use and see attack names that sound interesting, are related to the senshi's powers, and are not too similar to attacks that are already used in canon. For example, if you make a fire senshi, you would not want to name her attack 'Fire Spirit' because that would be similar to Mars' 'Fire Soul' and would not really set your character apart as unique.

One good way to brainstorm for attack names is to take a blank sheet of paper and write down every word that you can think of that relates to your character's element. Use a thesaurus (online or otherwise) to help think of synonyms to words you have thought of. That list might give you some ideas for attack names. There is an online anime attack generator located here which might also give you some ideas, though it is recommended that you not use any attack names directly from the generator. Alter them a bit by using the thesaurus or your own imagination to keep them interesting.
For more information and tips on Realm of Influence and Attack information, check out this wonderful article by Lorelei, Elements and Attacks.

Optional Attack Stats

Additional stats are sometimes included to give more details about the attack. These optional additions could be useful for RPG profiles, your own notes, or to help readers further understand the effects and usefulness of the attack. If you'd like to include this information, just add them in under the attack name.
If you would like to add more about the attack, you can also describe what the character does while she performs the attack and what the attack itself generally looks like. For example, Sailor Mar's 'Fire Soul' consists of her standing with her feet apart while she brings her index fingers together with clasped hands. A fire ball forms at her fingertips, then she shoots the fire ball at the enemy. This describes both the movements the character performs and the appearance of the actual attack.

Damage or Effect
Feel free to include what kind of damage or effect this attack has on opponents. You don't want your character's attacks to be too powerful - this additional stat might help explain what it's limitations are. For example, if you character has the ability to make herself invisible, it might only last a certain amount of time. Or, if your character throws a whip of fire, she might only have a limit range of 10 ft (3m). Describe what happens to the opponent when they are hit by the attack. Are they burned, stunned, drained of energy, thrown away? Details like this will help you figure out how your character might behave in a battle.

How reliable is this attack? What are some of its flaws? What is it strong against or weak against? Details like this will help us understand how your senshi would do in battle. This would also be helpful in RP or fiction writing. Repeat these details for any additional attacks.
Congratulations! Once you have finished this section you have completed the basic profile for your new otaku senshi! If you are interesting in developing your character further, please continue to the Expansion section of the site.