Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site

Personal History

The Personal History of your character is her history as a person in her current lifetime. This is general information that you would eventually find out about a person after talking to them for a while and getting to know them.

The Beginning
You might start with when and where she was born and what her family is like. It would be interesting to know where she lives or has lived, and information about what kind of experiences she has had that have shaped her as a person. You can include milestones and major events that have occurred in her life so far. Some examples of such milestones are things like: getting a new sibling, losing a loved one, parents separating, getting into a different school, an accident that was life changing, a major moment of personal development, a goal that was reached, etc. This information should cover all significant events right up until the 'current' time. If you find it helpful, you could start by making a time line of your character's life where you just list the age and the event. Then, you can work from that time line to write the history.

Some characters have very dramatic pasts full of grief and pain while other's have generally happy childhoods with little or no major conflict. Real people have a variety of pasts as well so if you are having trouble thinking of a back story for your senshi, try thinking about some of the people you know and events that have helped shape who they are. Not all characters have to come from angst-filled backgrounds, though most people do face difficult challenges in their lives that help them develop as individuals.

It also might be helpful to include information about the culture and socio-economic effects surrounding your character to show how it may impact her living condition.

Relation to Present
Occasionally, an otaku senshi's present life is somehow effected by their past life. Generally speaking, this section and the 'Sailor History' section may overlap in some places, but the Personal History stat should be focused on the personal life of your character as opposed to the senshi identity. Still, some senshi have no 'normal' civilian identity or use it so little that it's not even worth expanding upon. Use your best judgment to determine if this section suits your character.

Planet of Origin
Perhaps your character does not live on Earth. In that case, this might be a good time to explain where she is from. You could create additional stat to help explain where she is from. In this stat you would include information about where in the universe her home planet is located. Also, you can elaborate on what her home planet is like. You could get really detailed about this information if you want! If you are trying to develop a distant planet and want to give it a real sense of life you might talk about the various cultures of the planet, details about its geography and climate, information about the government, religion, values, social scene, life spans, activities, and other traits that may be common to the general population.