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Male Senshi

Continuing information from The Sailor Collar Controversy, you can read below why male sailor senshi present a controversy in otaku senshi creation. After reading this section, you can make your own decision regarding male sailor senshi. Sources are indicated in parentheses.
"Along similar lines as the collar issue, a hotly debated topic in the otaku senshi community is the debate over whether or not men can be Sailor Senshi. Sailor Collar Controversy is intertwined with this debate because of the questionable status of character like Tuxedo Mask.

"As stated in the collar controversy discussion, Tuxedo Mask carries a Sailor Crystal. His powers represent the Earth and Takeuchi has stated, in response to questions about the lack of a Sailor Earth, that he takes the place of Sailor Earth (1). Additionally, because Naoko has been quoted saying the Sailor Senshi are only girls, many fans believe that in turn, fan senshi should only be girls. Once again, that depends on if one believe that an author's statements are equivalent to canon.

"In the original manga story, the Sailor Starlights were females that disguised themselves as men to gain popularity as idols. In the animated version of the final season, the Sailor Starlights were animated in male bodies while not transformed into Sailor Senshi. They 'became' female when they transformed, as shown in their transformation sequence. This, incidentally, upset Takeuchi who, when asked about the change stated she "wasn't very happy about it." (2) While many understand this change in the anime to be a disguise for the Starlights, some argue that it opens a path for male senshi. As with the collar issue, some fans also feel that the issue of if men can be Sailor Senshi in canon does not directly effect how Otaku Senshi should be created in regards to flexibility in Fandom."