Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site

Sailor History

In this section, you will describe your character's history as a sailor senshi. If she 'discovered' her powers at some point, that story should be included in this section. You could also include information about her training as a sailor senshi. Describe any related historical information regarding her soldier identity such as past lives or information regarding her starseed's origin. This is different from her past as a civilian, though the two might overlap.

Some otaku senshi have long and complex histories. In the event that your character's history is particularly long, it might be a good idea to give a brief synopsis and include information about where the extended history can be found. If you are hosting your character's profile on a web site, you might consider writing longer histories as a legend or short narrative on the site.

Additionally, your character's past life might define their present life (as the canon characters of Sailor Moon experienced), but this is not always the case. As mentioned in the Cliché section, a commonly used senshi history includes the character being killed and somehow reborn on Earth in the 20th century. While this is the most direct way to allow your character interaction with the canon characters, there are other more creative options out there. Brainstorm and try to come up with new ways for your characters to interact with canon characters, if that is your goal.

Additionally, some otaku senshi have absolutely no connection or contact with the canon senshi. In this case, the Sailor History is particularly important so that your reader may understand the significance of your character.

For more information on ideas for your character's Sailor History, please see The Bad Guys section.