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Not all senshi need to have a physical weapon; most of the time their power attacks are enough. However, including and designing a weapon can be fun! Weapons can be ordinary things with magical powers such as the talismans that Neptune (mirror), Uranus (sword) and Pluto (orb) carry. They could also be wands or staves like the ones that Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon use. Additionally, your character could have an actual weapons such as throwing star, daggers, long swords, brass knuckles, pole arms, and pretty much anything else you want. Do some research on weapons online and look for something that suits your character. If you character is based on a certain mythology or rooted in some tradition, perhaps there is a particular weapon that would suit her regarding her origins.

If you do decide to include a weapon for your otaku senshi, you should tell us what it is, what it looks like, and even where it came from. Details are important. Weapons Emporium is a great resource for inspiration on your senshi's weapons. You could also check out some of these lists and categories on Wikipedia:
Ancient Weapons
Personal Weapons
Throwing Weapons
Blade Weapons
Blunt Weapons
Magical Weapons
It might also be interesting to give your weapon a proper name. Many of the weapons in Sailor Moon canon had proper names. For example, the wand used by Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon R is called 'Cutie Moon Rod,' the bell that Sailor Chibi Moon uses to call Pegasus in Sailor Moon SuperS is called 'Crystal Carillon,' and Sailor Neptune's talisman is called 'Deep Aqua Mirror.' Naming your weapon will give it a specific identity and set it apart from any similar weapons in canon or in otaku senshi fandom. <


Sailor Senshi have other items that they might carry in addition to basic items like their transformation object. In Sailor Moon canon, characters have carried communication devices, mini computers, disguise pens, and cellular phones with special abilities. Your character might carry an item that enhances her power or allows her to use an ability that she cannot use without the item. Other items might include personal objects that give your character inner strength, or even just items they find particularly inspirational. It might also be possible that you character has an item that carries a mission, a message, or even a curse. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

If you are looking for some inspiration about special items, check out these helpful resources. It is not recommended that you use any specifically named item from these pages, but they could give you ideas for similar items for your own character.
Unusual Magi Items
Magic Rings
Medieval Weapons
Martial Arts Weapons
Magical Artifacts from Dungeons & Dragons
As with the weapons, if you decide to give your character an additional object, be sure to describe it well and maybe include where this item came from and when she got it. Feel free to give these object proper names as well.

History of Weapons & Items

It is also possible that your character's items or weapons have a history that extends into the past, before they acquired them. Information like this adds depth to the character and more meaning to their possession of said weapon or item. If you would like to work something like this into your character's Sailor History, it could be an interesting addition to this section.