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Basic Stats

Stats, short for statistics, are little snippets of information that give you and idea of what kind of person your character is in general. These little sections are included in the profile to round out the character and make them more interesting. They also will help your potential readers understand your character more. Each of these basic stats is explained below.

There are lots of other stats that you can include in your character's profile. Once you are done with The Basics, there is another section in Expansion where you can find more ideas for character stats.

Generally you will list the month and day of your character's birthday. For example: January 28. Usually the year is left out.

This will help you with other expanded stats later in character development, but it might be helpful for you to pick a date that you think might be significant to your character personally. For example, if you are thinking your character might really like flowers, it might be because her birthday is in the spring time and she associates flowers with a happy time. Conversely, perhaps your character hates warm weather and having her birthday in the summer is something she doesn't care for. This is not information that you should include in this stat, but it is something to think of when choosing a birthday for your character.

Some otaku senshi creators choose a character's birthday based on what their Sun Sign would be. Sun Signs, or Zodiac Signs, are related to the astrological position of the sun on any given date and some people believe that this positioning related directly to how a person develops. Sun Signs will be explained in more detail in the Additional Stats section of Expansion.

This is where you can list some of the things that your character likes: colors, food, classes, hobbies, etc. This is another stat than can later be expanded. For now, it would be helpful for you to list at least three things your character likes.

This is where you can list some of the things that your character does not like. Much as in the stat above, just a few will do for now. These two stats continue to help design what kind of person your character will be. One can infer a lot about a person based on their likes and dislikes. Some people like to include the 'why' in the like and dislike sections. If you want to explain why your character does or does not like these things, keep it concise.

Strong Points
Generally speaking, people have strengths and weaknesses. These strengths are usually things about this person that over all makes them better, happier, or stronger, mentally, emotionally, or physically. Here you can list a few things that your character is really good at. Examples of this include: organizational skills, public speaking, talent in a sport or performing art, exceptionally good in a certain subject matter, strong willed, independent, good with money, problem solver, etc. If you are having trouble with this part, you can skip it for now. More information about how to develop your character's personality will be covered in the Expanded section.

Has Trouble With
Weaknesses are things that your character struggles with, their flaws in daily life. Flaws could be something simple such as being fussy, stubborn, greedy, messy, grumpy, snobby, klutzy, arrogant or judgmental. They can also be more complex problems. Whatever these little quirks are, these traits will make your character more realistic. All people have flaws and often they are what make us unique as individuals. Working to overcome flaws is an important part of development. Making a character with believable weaknesses and strengths will certainly help you develop later stats that will solidify her personality. As with the Strong Points, feel free to skip this for now if you are having trouble.

This stat is commonly included in the basic profile for canon Sailor Moon characters. Much like the stats above, understanding your character's dream will help you develop what kind of person she is. Usagi's dream is to become a bride; Minako's dream is to become an idol. Of what does your character dream?