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Personal Stats (con't)

In addition to the basic personal stats, there are other stats you could include to help describe your character. Here are some other personal stats that you might find useful. Once again, you do not need to use all of these - it is recommended that you select a few to enhance the profile.
Sometimes characters have nicknames. For example, in the anime Mamoru calls Usagi "odango atama" which translates to dumpling head. Through not always an endearing term, the nickname of "odango" does follow Usagi around through out the series. If your character has a long name, they might end up with a nick name. Additionally, another individual in your character's life might call them something other than their given name for some special reason. If you list a nickname, it would also be helpful to know how your character got it

If your character just goes by their given name then there is no need to include this stat. Also, it comes off as a little silly to include numerous nicknames. Your character might have one or two nicknames that people call them (example being something their mom calls them versus something their friends call them) but try not to over due this stat. If you want to include this stat, the best placement would be under the Name or Name Meaning stat. Note that this does not include alternate forms of your character such as their Royal Name, other Sailor Name, etc.

If you wish to include your character's biological sex assigned at birth, you can. See the Male Senshi section in Conflicts for more information. If you wish to include this stat, feel free to add it towards to the top of the profile, for example, after the birthday.

If your character's gender-identity is different their biological sex and you want to make that clear, you can define that here.

This is the age of your character, physically how many years they have lived. If there is something particular about your character that makes them live to be exceptionally old then put the actual age here. If necessary, you can add another stat that says 'Age Appearance' and tell us what age she looks. For example, most of the senshi range about 14-18 years old. However, if you were talking about Chibiusa, her age is around 902, yet she appears about 8. In that case, two stats would be in order.

Blood Type
In Japanese culture it is believed that blood type can help determine your personality. Naoko Takeuchi assigned known blood types to all her sailor senshi and these blood types fit with their personalities. If you are interested in doing the same, see this page for more information. If you include her blood type, feel free to include a few words about how this effects her personality, but make sure its in your own words - don't copy and paste it from a web site because that is plagiarism.

Sun Sign
This is more of a Western idea, but some people believe what time of year you were born helps determine certain traits about your personality. If you want to read more about this, see, this page for more information. If you include her zodiac, feel free to include a few words about how this effects her, but make sure its in your own words - as mentioned copy and pasting from a web site is plagiarism.

Favorite Gemstone
Some people believe that gemstones have natural powers of enhancement. Perhaps you character finds a pleasant resonance with a particular type of gemstone. For more information on gemstones, see this article.

Favorite/Least Favorite Color(s)
These two can be listed as separate stats. Here you could tell us what colors your character likes or dislikes and why.

Favorite/Least Favorite Food
These two can be listed as separate stats. Here you could tell us what foods your character likes or dislikes and why.

Favorite/Least Favorite Activities
These two can be listed as separate stats. Here you could tell us what activities your character likes or dislikes and why.

Strongest/Weakest School Subject
Your character's strongest and weakest school subjects. You might also include why it is about these subjects that causes them to have trouble or excel.

Information about from where your character's linage comes. Some examples include: Irish, French, Italian, African, East Indian, etc. This is not the same as Nationality which is the country from which your character comes. For example, I am American, but my heritage is Irish, French and English.

Most people are afraid of something. Chances are, there is something your character fears. For most people, regular fears don't impact their daily life too severely and situations resulting in that kind of fear can be easily avoided. Feel free to tell us what makes your character afraid, why this thing scares her, and how she deals with it.

It might be important to note your character's religion, if they have any affiliation. This could be particularly important if it plays a key role in your character's life. Religious beliefs can help to shape and define a person positively or negatively. Even if your character is not particularly religious, this could be an opportunity to express what other beliefs, if any, they hold.

Political Views
In some ways, this is similar to religion. People can be very passionate about their political views! Perhaps this plays a key role in your character's life. If so, this might be a nice chance to explain her rational. If you character has little or no interest in politics, this stat probably isn't needed.

Physical or Mental Challenge
While not all characters have these traits, it is possible that your character might struggle with a physical or mental disability that effects their daily life. Information about this challenge might be included in the profile to give you reader a clear understanding. It would be helpful to include information about why or how your character became disabled. Perhaps they were born as they are, or perhaps they were in an accident that resulted in change. Some otaku senshi creators that choose to give their characters challenges such as these will have those challenges temporarily 'healed' or removed when the character transforms. This is because some creators believe the power of an activated Sailor Crystal would result in the removal of the disability. It's really up to you! Perhaps once your character discovers their identity as a soldier, their disability is removed all together. It all depends on how you want to write her story.

Typical Expressions
Think of this as a personal quote stat. Are there things your character says consistently that other's connect with them? Maybe there's a catch phrase your character always ends up spewing out in certain circumstances. If so, you could include it in her stats.

Marital Status
Most otaku senshi are in their teens, but that doesn't mean they all have to be. If your senshi is older, possibly even married and maybe with kids, there might be a reason for you to include their martial status. Unless your character is engaged, married, or divorced, this stat would probably be left out.

Sexual Orientation
This optional stat allows you to tell your reader if your character prefers to have intimate relationships with members of the same sex, of the opposite sex, both, or neither. Some terms that will be helpful to you if you want to include this stat are: heterosexual (prefers to have relations with members of the opposite sex), homosexual (prefers to have relations with members of the same sex), bi-sexual (is interested in relationships with either sex), a-sexual (is not interested in romantic relationships at all). It is possible that this stat could play a significant role in your character's life depending on how 'open' they are about their lifestyle and how those around them react to it.

You can include this stat if you would like to talk about what style of clothing your character likes to wear. You can include what fashions (or lack-thereof) they most often appear in, what colors they like to wear, and other related information.

Other Ability
Once again, not all characters will need this stat. Occasionally, you will have a character that has extra special abilities outside of their powers as a sailor senshi. Perhaps these powers are linked to their senshi powers. For example, in the Sailor Moon manga story, Ami has the ability to sense the presence of water while in her civilian form. This is linked to her powers as a soldier of water. Rei has a deep connection to her sixth sense and has visions and dreams that foreshadow. This may or may not be related to her powers as a sailor senshi. There are lots of interesting abilities an individual might have. Besides psychic ability and dowsing (sensing water), other special abilities could include things like:
  • healing
  • controlling weather (atmokinesis)
  • moving an object at will (telekinesis)
  • perceptions of slowed or sped up time (chronokinesis)
  • controlling wind (aerokinesis), fire (pyrokinesis), water (hydrokinesis) or earth (geokinesis)
  • controlling electric currents (electrokinesis)
  • controlling light (photkinesis)
  • controlling magnets or magnetic fields (magnokinesis)
  • lifting off the ground at will (levitation)
  • reading thought of other (telepathy)
  • feeling the pain of others (empathy)
  • messages from the afterlife (channeling)
  • an ability to create areas of invisibility
  • super speed
  • super strength
  • an ability to have the spirit leave the body (astral projection)
  • the ability to draw energy from other people or objects
  • an ability to sense magical powers in others (most sailor senshi seem to be able to sense the powers of other sailor senshi)
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