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Sailor Name: Additional Info

Generally speaking, Sailor Senshi come from some kind of celestial body such as a planet, a star, or an asteroid. There are also celestial objects like meteors, galaxies, black holes, dwarf stars, supernovae, constellations (groups of stars that make a shape), nebulas, and all kinds of other cool things floating around out there. It is advised that you chose a place from which your senshi originates.

In the Sailor Moon universe, every living thing has a starseed. Sailor Crystals are very special starseeds that give the Sailor Senshi their powers; they generally grow along with a celestial body like one of those objects named above. The Sailor Senshi that gets that Sailor Crystal is the guardian of that celestial body and they are linked to its power. So, choosing a celestial origin (real or invented) will also automatically give your senshi a home planet (or star, or galaxy, or nebula, etc.) from which to base her and her story.

If you want your senshi to be from something like a star, a nebula, a galaxy, a black hole, or general space object, it is recommended that you name her something other than a generic ‘Sailor Black Hole’, ‘Sailor Nebula’, ‘Sailor Galaxy’, etc. The main reason for this is that there are probably going to be a few dozen OTHER otaku senshi that already have those generic names. Additionally, there are MANY nebulas, stars, etc. in the universe. Which one is your character from? Praise your new otaku senshi with a true Sailor Name.

Finding a Sailor Name for your new senshi can be fun! You can read about mythology, learn about deep space objects, or even just make up a name and space object to go with it.

Here is some more info for reference: The Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy and the "arms" that spiral off of it are called:
  • Outer Arm
  • Perseus Arm
  • Local Arm or Orion Arm (this is where our Solar System is)
  • Sagittarius Arm or Sagittarius-Carina Arm
  • Scutum-Crux Arm
  • Norma Arm
There are at least 400 billion other stars in our galaxy besides our star, Sol (the Sun), and probably many more. We don't really know how many planets there could be. There's so much STUFF in our galaxy that you can make basically just make up where your character is from. If you want to be specific about it, you could add some basic info about the location of the planet, star, nebula, etc. Researching astronomy can be a lot of fun to an otaku senshi creator.

A light year is the distance that it takes light to travel in one year. Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second! That's very fast. So in a year it can go over 6 trillion miles. The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light years in diameter. It's very big. Plenty of room for your senshi.

It's possible that your senshi will have a name based on ideas such as 'hope,' 'love,' 'dreams' but it is still suggested that otaku senshi creators still develop an origin for the character's Sailor Crystal. It's much more difficult to explain your character's origin if she is not from some place because the of how the Sailor Moon story is generally understood. On the other hand, some canon version of the story, such as the live action series, do not include information about 'Sailor Crystals' or true starseeds. If you are interested in creating a character that it more conceptual, there are ways to explain it, though it might be more of a challenge.

One important thing to note is that manga canon (an to some extent, the anime as well) implies that celestial bodies carry only one Sailor Crystal that resonates with its power. With that in mind, if you decide to create a Sailor Senshi that comes from any of the planets within the Solar System, you should note that the Sailor Crystals for all of those planets are taken by the canon sailor senshi and Tuxedo Mask (he has the Sailor Crystal for Earth). Other otaku senshi creators might ask you to explain where your character gets their powers from and if you are interested in being true to canon, you would have to come up with some kind of explanation.