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Traditionally, Sailor Senshi have a magical phrase that they say to transform into the sailor senshi identity. In the original Japanese anime and manga, these phrases ended with the words, "Make-Up!"

Screen capture curtesy of The Oracle <3

Some examples of canon character transformations include:
  • "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!"
  • "Mars Power, Make-Up!"
  • "Venus Star Power, Make-Up!"
  • "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up!"
  • "Pluto Planet Power, Make-Up!"
  • "Crisis, Make-Up!"
  • "Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up!"
  • "Fighter Star Power, Make-Up!"
While it is clear from various canons that Sailor Senshi do not have to use a phrase to transform, it seems to help them focus their power on the action. Plus, it just sounds cool. You can follow the same format with your otaku senshi's transformation phrase, or you could make up something else for them to say.

Some Sailor Senshi use items to transform. In Sailor Moon canon, these items have included objects such as pens, brooches, wands, and bracelets. If you want to have such an item for your otaku senshi, you can add a 'Transformation Item' stat to your profile and describe what this item looks like. This doesn't necessarily have to be one of the items used in the original story; feel free to be creative.

Some otaku senshi creators also like to describe what their character's transformation looks like. In the Sailor Moon manga, transformations were instantaneous. In the anime and live action, fans saw an extended version of the transformation that showed the character 'changing' into their sailor outfit. If you are interested in describing what your otaku senshi's transformation looks like, add a 'Transformation Sequence' stat to your profile and give the details as if your reader were 'watching' it.