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Welcome to the Otaku Senshi Profile Sailor Generator!

This concept was originally created by Shinzui of Sailor Orion's Refuge and has been recreated here with permission for your convenience. With this simple form, you can create the profile for your new otaku senshi in a snap. Best of all, it will also provide you with HTML code for your profile.

This is a beta version of this form! There still may be a lot of glitches. Additionally, this form does not include all of the fields you will find in the rest of this site. However, it will help you generate a basic HTML profile for your character which you can then expand.

Fill out the form below using the information about your character. If you need help with any section, please feel free to review the information on the related sections of this web site. If you leave anything blank, the form will ignore it and that stat will not be included on the final profile. If there are choices in various sections that don't fully fit your character, you can always alter them once the profile is generated.

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