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Thank You

The information on this site has been complied with input from many members of the otaku senshi community. Thank you to anyone that has taken the time to make a suggestion or correction for the site. You help to support the future of our community by ensuring new otaku senshi creators are inspired everyday.

Special Thanks to:
Steve (my Husband)
For being the most amazingly, wonderfully, talented, patient, hard-working, attractive, skilled web designer in the universe. :3 Did I mention patient? ^_^; Go visit his web site.

For your profile input, technical corrections, and vast, random related Sailor Moon knowledge

For your support, good ideas, encouragement, and for keeping me up-to-date on the dolling community. Thank you for bringing a little humor to me as well.

For some great ideas on the Etiquette page and suggestions on the layout, and for your great leg work for The Bad Guys.

For the information on various facial characteristics.

For the height/weight conversion site link.

For suggestions on the Personal Stats page.

For suggestions on the Sailor Animamates page.

For broken link help and suggestions for additional resources.

Members of TOT
Thanks to members of Tower of Time Message Boards for all of the valuable input and opinions on what this page could and should be.