Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan-Character Help Site

How To Use This Site

The question comes pretty often. People tell me, "I want to make an otaku senshi, but how do I use this site?"

There are a few answers to that question depending on how you want to make your otaku senshi and how much you already know about making characters.

For beginners, here is my recommendation:
  • If you don't know ANYTHING about otaku senshi, start with the Otaku Senshi and Reasons sections to learn more about what you are getting into.
  • If you already know what Otaku Senshi are, or you've already read that section, then check out the Before You Start and Etiquette sections for some important tips about participating in the community.
  • The Clichés section is a great resource to read BEFORE you start your character so you have a good idea of what types of otaku senshi are overly used. This will give you a good perspective on themes that many people get stuck with.

Once you are informed on the hobby, the best way to start your Otaku Senshi is to begin with the Basic Profile. The profile is available for download and you can also copy and paste it into a word document. Then, start filling out the profile and refer to each section of the site under The Basics for help with each stat if you get stuck or want to get some inspiration.

When you have a basic profile filled in, you can proceed to the Expansion section to continue your character's development!

If you are mainly interested in creating your character's appearance as a sailor senshi, skip ahead to the Outfit and Appearance pages where you can find tips, ideas, color tools, and links to design sites and outfit generators.

If you are an experienced Otaku Senshi creator or you have an existing character you'd like to improve, you can skip around different parts of the site to the sections you need help with.

The Additional Topics section has some more articles and useful tools for otaku senshi creators. The Profile Generator will help you code your new character's profile. There's also information about common debates in the community as well as other informative articles about Otaku Senshi variants like Animamates. You can also find help with your villain development!

Most sections of this site are self explanatory, but if you would like to look at a description of each section, you can check out the Site Map.

If you have any more questions after reviewing this, please use the Contact form to ask me. Make sure you list a valid email address for a reply!